We’ve posted quite a few job announcements since we launched in 2012. But we never found exactly what we were looking for. Maybe we found better. Maybe differenter :D. But never a bullet-by-bullet match on paper. People are not a job description. Their experiences, skills and character combine in ways we cannot predict or expect. So this time we want to see what happens if, instead, we use no bullets at all.

So, beautiful minds of Romania, this is our challenge: who is the best branding and communication mind on the market right now? Who wants to fight good fights through branding and communication? We’re the agency on the side of good brands, and this is your chance to be our next superpower.

Send us your CV at office@storience.com along with your story in English. Tell us what you think we could achieve together. Make your case convincing enough, and you may get an invitation to meet before you know it. No deadlines, but be aware our need is real and current.